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I wander through here ocassionally, but usually just have time to read a few messages. This one is one I have some experience with... I answered the "how it was made question" on another list, so won't address that again. I agree ThermoFlex vinyl is about the best you can get. Easy to work with and a decent hand on the garment. Not stiff or shiny. (Of course if you want stiff and shiny, there are other very good brands available.)

As for price, they tend to be very close across the board at all the wholesalers. BeaconGraphics has free shipping on orders over $100 which helps. I figure about .50 per inch retail/applied - but that's only a guideline...

I buy a quite a bit - and with a pretty significant minimum I negotiated a better price through my local wholesaler. I do mostly local orders, but also cut for many on another list I'm on so hopefully I can keep up on the minimum, ggg.

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