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What's new at t-shirtforums.com. Check out the latest happenings for our site.
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Forum Information

Contains the general forum rules and guidelines, and our T-ShirtForums.com mission statement.
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Exclusive Discounts & Offers from Vendors

T-ShirtForums membership has its perks :) Many of our advertisers have extended exclusive discounts and special offers for our forum members. Watch this space to see how you can save on your next project!
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T Shirt Forum Site Issues Help Desk

Need help with something like posting photos, using the web site, or message board? Post your questions here and we will give the best help we can. Please do not post t-shirt related issues here.
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T shirt Printing Issues

Having trouble making your T shirt? Post here
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T-Shirt News and Articles This forum contains the latest news regarding the t-shirt industry as well as informative articles about the printing, selling, and buying of t-shirts.

T-Shirt Industry News

Reporting of the latest news effecting the t-shirt industry. Please Contact T-Shirtforums.com to submit Press Releases and Industry News.
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T-Shirt Articles

T-Shirt Articles, Interviews, How-To Instructions and Reviews covering a variety of subjects related to t-shirts.
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T-Shirt Buying General discussion of topics related to t-shirt shopping and buying information.

Need Help Finding a T-Shirt DESIGN

If you have seen a t-shirt design somewhere or used to have a favorite t-shirt and don't know where to buy it again, post here and see if one of our fellow members can help you locate it. This is for searches for a single t-shirt to buy retail, use the wholesale t-shirts forum for help sourcing a particular brand or style.
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General T-Shirt Buying Discussion

Talk about a new t-shirt design you have seen, a cool t-shirt in the media, or most things t-shirt related (on the retail side).
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Welcome to T-ShirtForums.com Welcome to our forums. Feel free to post a quick note to say "hi" in our Member Introductions forum!

Member Introductions

This is a great place to start! You can make your first post here just to say "Hi" and introduce yourself. You can say what your favorite t-shirt is or even post a link to your t-shirt shop or t-shirt business.
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Preferred Vendor Introductions

Get to know your vendors! This section is a place for T-ShirtForums advertisers to introduce themselves, their products, and talk one on one with their customers from the forums. Forum sponsors may promote new products and special offers in this forum section.
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T-Shirt Selling Discuss the many aspects of t-shirt selling: marketing, advertising, search engines, fulfillment companies, how to get started, useability, site design, etc

General T-Shirt Selling Discussion

This is the catchall topic for the t-shirt selling discussion. Not sure where to post your question about t-shirt selling? Start here.
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Graphics and Design Help

Get advice to help you create your t-shirt graphics. Discuss t-shirt design software, special effect techniques, or other topics related to creating a t-shirt design on your computer. If you'd rather hire a graphic designer to do the work for you, please post in our Referrals and Recommendations section here.
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Business and Finance

This section of the forum is for discussing the business and finance issues of the t-shirt industry. Which business structure to use (sole proprietor, LLC, S Corp, etc), how to handle billing, where to register your business and get the proper licensing, etc.
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Ecommerce Site Design

Discuss website design for ecommerce sites, useability, navigation and other development considerations. To get feedback on your t-shirt design(s) or website, please post a request in our Site Reviews and Design Reviews section here.
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T-Shirt Marketing

Discuss the fun task of marketing a t-shirt shop. Where to advertise, local marketing tips, word of mouth, press releases, search engine marketing, keyword advertising, magazines, etc.
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Offline Retail and Tradeshows

Discuss the process of getting your t-shirt line into brick and mortar stores and selling offline. Topics include industry tradeshows, events, line sheets, sales reps and other retailing tips and advice.
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T-Shirt Tag Relabeling and Finishing

Discuss the various finishing services that can help showcase your brand. Topics include custom neck tag labels, hang tags, garment washes, folding, bagging and even shipment/packaging options.
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T-Shirt Fulfillment Services

Discuss the various t-shirt fulfillment services in this general fulfillment forum. Newer companies like RedBubble, etc can be discussed in this main forum. Companies that have been around 2+ years (CafePress.com, Zazzle.com, Spreadshirt.com, PrintMojo.com, PrintFection, etc), may have their own separate subforums below (as demand permits).
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Region Specific T-Shirt Information

Sometimes it helps to get "local" information and vendors recommendations. The regional sections of the forum are for sharing more local based t-shirt information from around the world.
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T-Shirt Industry Information Talk about the various aspects of the t-shirt industry. Screen printing, embroidery, heat press, dye sublimation, wholesale garments, new technologies and more.

Screen Printing

Discuss the various aspects of screen printing. Inks, speciality printing, print locations, durability, etc.
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Plastisol Transfers

Discuss the many aspects of plastisol (screen printed) heat transfers. Topics include where to buy, how to put them on t-shirts, quality, pictures, stock (pre printed) transfers and more. Read the definition of a plastisol transfer here.
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Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers

Discuss the various aspects of heat pressed vinyl transfers. Popular and new types of vinyl media, suppliers, vinyl cutters /plotters, press times, quality, how to instructions and more can be found in this heat press sub forum.
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Rhinestone Decoration

Discuss the different methods of adding some bling to your designs. Rhinestone and rhinestud transfers, templates, equipment, software and supplies are inlcuded in this forum.
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Direct to Garment (DTG) Inkjet Printing

Discuss the various aspects of direct to garment printing. DTG printers include Brother, T-Jet, Flexi-Jet, DTG Kiosk, Kornit, Mimaki, Tex-Jet and others! Discuss and learn about this up and coming printing technology.
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Dye Sublimation

Discuss the various aspects of dye sublimation printing: printer selection, press time, durability, new technologies, etc.
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Pad Printing

Discuss the various aspects of pad printing. Equipment, supplies, substrates and more
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Wholesale T-Shirts & Other Imprintable Products

Discuss the wholesale blanks industry: Factory direct, custom labels. You can also use this forum to locate a wide variety of wholesale products including t-shirts, hoodies, mousepads, coffee mugs and other imprintable products.
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Discuss the various aspects of embroidery decoration: stitchcount, DST files, digitizing, machinery, garment selection, etc.
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Vendors This new area of the forum is for companies who have selected T-ShirtForums as their official support forums for their product or service. Along with the great, friendly peer help you've come to expect from T-ShirtForums, you can also get official help and support responses from company representatives.

Vendor Deals

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CAD-CUT Direct Help Forums

Officially sponsored help forums for CAD-CUT Direct. Get help from fellow customers and official company representatives about products sold by CAD-CUT Direct.
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AST Sportswear

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Art Brands LLC

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Atlas Screen Supply

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Bella + Canvas

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Lane Seven Apparel

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Printavo, LLC

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Roland DGA

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SEMO Imprints

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Shirts in 24

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Specialty Materials, LLC

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TSC Apparel

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T-ShirtForums Community There is life outside t-shirts! Relax and get to know the other members here at T-ShirtForums! Got feedback for the forums? Post them in the TF Feedback forum.

TF Lounge

Relax a bit in the TF Lounge and talk about "other" offtopic subjects like family, work, movies, books, etc (no political or religious discussion please :)
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T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles

Informative articles from our monthly T-ShirtForums Newsletter will be posted in this section. You can subscribe to the newsletter for free here and post your replies and follow up questions to the articles below.
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TF Classifieds

This section is for t-shirtforums.com community members to list physical t-shirt related items for sale. Used printing or press equipment, leftover blanks, etc. Members can also place a "Service Request" to see if other members can provide a service they need (screen printing, sticker printing, web design, graphic design, etc). The T-Shirt Classifieds are free for members of the community with 15 posts or more. You must be a logged in, registered t-shirtforums member to view the classified threads. Find out more about the classifieds here (please read before posting a classified or buying from a classified post).
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Referrals and Recommendations

Looking for a t-shirt printer in your area? Need a referral to a high quality screen printer, embroiderer, Direct to Garment Printer, Dye Sub or Heat Transfer printer? Post your request here and our members will try to recommend someone they know that might meet your needs. Members may recommend their own services if they are relevant to the request.
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T-ShirtForums Feedback

Please post your feedback and suggestions regarding the T-ShirtForums site in this forum. To protect your privacy, only you (the thread starter), and the administrators of this site will be able to see the threads posted in this forum.
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TSF iPhone and Android Apps

Discussion, tips, suggestions and feedback for the official TShirtForums iPhone App and Android App.
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  1. Hi, I have an Epson 4000 conversion and have set up Acrorip 9 to print KCMY-WWWW and arranged my inks accordingly. Using Epson 4800 as the printer. It prints everything great except the one Issue I'm having is no matter what I do the rip wont print using the black ink, instead its printing...
  2. HI! Trying to figure out which comes first ...or even at all. But do you trademark your company name and name logo first or if you’re using a character or icon design do you trademark that first. OR do you do both at same time. Or is this even necessary? I was trying to read legal stuff and...
  3. Hi there! I'm new to the forum and screen printing. I taught myself the basics way back in 2015 and, this year, I decided to give it a real go. I've made a wooden board with hinges for my screens and bought ink, emulsion, and emulsion stripper among other supplies. Now that I'm ready to start...
  4. Hi! my name is Luis, i'm from Chile i have the brother GTX4 and i have a issue with my black shirts. they look like "vitange" but i don't want this result, why is this happening? this are my configuration: this are the t-shirt results: I heat the tshirt to 180° celsius during 35...
  5. I recently started making designs that I wanted to start screen printing onto shirts. I just see that there are so many different types of screen printing. After doing some research it looks like I am gonna be doing Sim Process screen printing. I just need help finding a started kit, or someone...
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