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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I feel your pain.

I found your insight regarding the inks very interesting. I have the TexJet Echo2 (2019) and I don't use white inks for my business nor do I pretreat the tea towels. I simply use Dupont cmyk inks either as sealed cartridges or refillable ones.

I have frequent clogging problems, although the room environment is perfect after investing in a Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde. I keep the room at the manufacturer's recommendation of 21 degrees celsius, 55% humidity. However, after about 20 prints the nozzles start clogging or one colour is totally gone and I have to do a heavy cleaning just to get it going again. I calculated that it takes ½ cup of ink to clear the nozzles doing a heavy cleaning and repeated head cleanings to get the printer to work again. At $250 CAD a liter that is almost $60 CAD of additional cost every time I have to clear the nozzles.

Interesting that the quality of the Dupont inks could be a contributing factor to some of my problems. Perhaps Polyprint could look into that aspect, if they haven't already?
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