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HPS July 10th, 2010 01:00 PM

Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
I tried to reply to another post about this unit yesterday but my reply has not shown up and maybe it is because it deserves its own thread. I got a brother gt-541 and one of the main reasons was that I found so few people who were unhappy with their unit. I have been turning down darks and white ink jobs and have read little to no bad feedback on this unt(other than some delivery delays).

So my questions to owners of this unit are:
1- Do you wish you had gotten a different machine now that you have this unit?
2- Is there anything this unit has failed to do in terms of what it was advertised to do?
3-Are you happy with the print quality and are you getting good wash and wear results?
4- Did you get the speed treater and or would you advise getting the speed treater?
5- Is the service offered by EZ met or exceeded your expectations?

Lastly, one goal of mine is to double my production on light 2 sided garments. I assume I can not mix and match the same art from the brother and this machine but I was thinking for my 2 sided garments I could use the brother for say the fronts and while they were running do the backs on this unit. I understand that they are 2 different inks and processes but if I did not mix and match fronts but say did all my fronts on one machine while doing all my backs on another machine I could double my output on larger jobs and take on larger jobs and of course add that last piece of my puzzle which is having a white ink unit. IS this realistic? will the customers notice that the prints are different or see any difference that would be negative?

My largest concern is daily and weekly up keep. After talking with harry he stated that a 5 minute procedure would be needed after producing 100 garments where as the other unit i was looking at required 3-4 hours of cleaning and up keep.

Have any owners of this unit found the up keep, maintainance and preventative maintainance to be overwhelming or very time consuming. As i understand from my discussion with EZ this unit requires a push button run procedure and some swabbing but nothing extreme like soaking parts and gears and damper lines and the like. I have a customer who I can run daily if no other work is available and again would like to use as a single side unit on larger runs to back up my brother.

My biggest concern is up keep. I really do not want a unit that requires hours per week of work to keep running. I just want a unit that runs well and requires a minimal amout of TLC and maintainance. Is this that unit?

Thanks for reading this , sorry about being so long winded but this is a large investment for us and I have really found that the people on these forums have helped me very much and after hours of reading posts and information I am comfortable with this company and this unit but may need a little push or some real life user feedback to finalize my decision. From the prints I have seen and other users feedback on this unit and this company it really seems like this machine has fixed or eliminated a lot of the issues that users of all the epson based printers have had, I just have not seen or found the calls for help and problems in this model that I have found in just about every other brand. I am thinking that is a very good sign.

I am very anxious to hear from users who run these units and have any good or bad experiences. Thanks.

iTiki July 10th, 2010 10:07 PM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
We have had our Veloci-Jet since March. There were delays in getting our printer and SpeedTreater shipped, but in the end, it was worth the wait. We have had a few issues while going through the learning curve, but Equipment Zone was there for us every step of the way. Service after the sale has been outstanding. Our machine runs daily (except most weekends when we are closed) and have not missed a sale due to any machine downtime. I will try to answer you questions in the order asked.

1. We looked at almost every popular machine out there regardless of cost. We thought seriously about the Brother 541, but felt we needed to be able to print white ink. We thought about the Brother 782, but it was too new and unproven, as well as the high cost. We could buy 3 Veloci-Jets and a SpeedTreater for the cost of the 782. I'm not knocking the Brother machine, just its cost. We passed on most other brands due to poor owner feedback on the forums. Some knocking the machines, after sale service or both.

2. The Veloci-Jet has met our expectations. On some prints we do a double pass to get the deep rich colors needed on some designs. This does slow down production, but the results are outstanding. I guess I would like the process to be faster, but I doubt any other unit would be much or any faster in real world production.

3. We are very pleased with the print quality. We sometimes print photos and our customers have been very excited with the print quality. We pre-treat both darks and lights and we feel that adds to the quality. We have had no complaints on washability. Like I said before, sometimes doing a double pass is needed for the finest results.

4. We did buy the SpeedTreater. I can't imagine doing production work without a pre-treat machine, I know there are many out there doing it, but it is just not for us. Our shop space is tight and we also have 39 embroidery heads sharing the same space and I cannot imagine the hassles we would have with overspray and fumes going all over the shop. The only hassle with the SpeedTreater is keeping the nozzle from getting clogged and creating uneven spray patterns. We spend more time cleaning the nozzle than anything else. This can be a real pain in the butt. When the nozzle is perfectly clean, the system works great.

5. Service. Equipment Zone has never let us down. We had a registration issue that took a few days to solve (we were still able to do single pass orders without problem), but in the end a solution was found and we have not had a problem since. Had we not had the kind of service Equipment Zone provides, we would have had a serious problem and lost money due to down time. To us, getting good service after the sale, is just as important as getting a good machine to start with. Face it, I don't care how good you are at mechanical things or maintenance, sooner or later you are going to need some level of service. Equipment Zone will be there for you.

You asked about maintenance. Honestly, the Veloci-Jet does not take much. We spend about 10 to 15 minutes at the end of the day and that is about it. We sometimes to a quick head cleaning mid day if we are doing a big run. Some times we go several days without printing white ink and we do nozzle checks to make sure the head is running perfectly. Again, no hassles. We have read a lot of horror stories about the hassles of printing white ink and the extra maintenance involved, but we have had good success with white ink and the maintenance has not been a problem. Keeping the nozzles clear on the SpeedTreater is more of a hassle than cleaning the Velcoi-Jet.

Let me sum up our experience for you. It took longer than we liked to get our machine, but that is behind us. We started making money with the machine the day after it was set up and have been making money with it ever since. We have had a few minor machine and operator snags along the way, but the techs and service at Equipment Zone has been there for us all along the way and every problem has been solved. We have no regrets with the Veloci-Jet or Equipment Zone. I'm sure we will buy another Veloci-Jet when the current machine cannot keep up with sales.


HPS July 11th, 2010 07:32 AM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
Thank you very much. I got an excellent well thought and honest feedback on another machine i was looking at and it scared me to death. I like you have a tight space as well. Wish I had the embroidery issue with that many heads but I have lots of printing equipment and can't see going outside or on our porch to pretreat especially in the winter.

Thank you very much for the feedback and for taking the time to answer my questions. I can live with 15 minutes a day of up keep. Glad to hear you are getting the most of the unit and more importantly making profits. I appreciate the feedback and wish you continued success. Take Care

TahoeTomahawk July 12th, 2010 01:31 PM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
Hi Reid,

That's good you are doing your due diligence before making a purchase. If you can, try to see some of these printers in action before making your decision. We looked at the Anajet, Velocijet, DTG Viper and HM1-C as and the Brother.

We narrowed our decision down to Epson based printers so Brother was out. We already own 2 DTG machines, so what was important to us in a new model was production capabilities and maintenance.

The Ananjet and a few other models had platens that were bolted to the bed which makes production slower. You will never get anywhere near the theoretical print times you see advertised. Secondly some of the printers were difficult to maintain, requiring you to either remove covers or twist your arm in some uncomfortable position to be able to get at the capping station and wiper blade.

The Veloci-jet seemed like a decent printer, but nothing about it really stood out above what other printers where offering.

We came across the MOD1 and were sold. Here are some posts on why we chose the MOD1 and some pictures of the maintenance procedure.

Also notice the print bed. It makes it so you can have multiple platens staged and ready to go and eliminate some idle time between prints.

HPS July 12th, 2010 03:37 PM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
what are the other 2 that you own and what made this unit stand out. the vjet seems easy access and easy to clean and i see that getting into darks is a slower process than lights , honestly any way i slice it if i spend 20-23 when its set up and trained i need a 24 month roi, i have 1 customer i do 3-4 k in 4/4 navy a year for so unlike many users i can do that in house daily and eat up my screen printers work and get my costs covered, then of course i can double production on lights, 2 sided that is and the brother came with 0 % 2 year finance. I have racked up 3-4 months of payments in first month so hopefully i can now focus on making money the next 3 months. what kind of dollars are we talking about with the mod 1/mod 2. The up keep and maintainance is my bioggest hang up

I WANT TO OWN A MACHINE, I DO NOT WANT THE MACHINE TO OWN ME. you know what i mean, can't be a slave to up keep

chobay July 14th, 2010 07:45 PM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine

Originally Posted by HPS (Post 722513)
I WANT TO OWN A MACHINE, I DO NOT WANT THE MACHINE TO OWN ME. you know what i mean, can't be a slave to up keep

I hear yah. I found maintenance to be very easy & not that time consuming. My procedure takes about 10-15 minutes, but only because I spend a little extra time to be thorough:

Head cleans
A couple of head cleans prior to printing for the day.
An ink charge if nozzle checks are stubborn.
Head cleans as needed during large print runs / long print days.
Head clean before shutting down for the day.

Daily after printing
Clean capping station. 1-2 min.
Clean wiper blade. 2-3 min.
Clean around edges and ramp of print head. 1-2 min.
Light blot on bottom of head with cleaning solution. 30 sec.

Weekly maintenance
Clean encoder strip. 1 min.
I added cleaning encoder wheel. 2 min.

As needed
Oiling rails.
Emptying and resetting waste ink bottle/counter.
Cleaning spit tray.

HPS July 14th, 2010 09:21 PM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
Thank You very much for your reply. may i ask have you owned any other dtg equipment? the procedures you list seem to be a little more than say is considered normal and average but honestly the procedures seem to be well thought out and well executed and if they are a little above and beyond they still seem to be relatively easy and not over the top or too time consuming. So if I am reading this right you have a good 10-15 minutes on a print day and then maybe an extra 3-8 minutes of a weekly procedure that may or may not be needed or called for. I check the air in my tires once a month. I have tire sensors but I check and regulate anyway. 5 minutes and a dirty finger or two but again seems worth while and I am all about being proactive and I do think an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so I am copying your schedule and will add it to my check list if this is the machine I get. I found no bad feedback in your post. I am not looking for negatives but would like to be prepared for and know of any downsides. I as stated in my earlier post just do not see the cries for help or calls for people joining into class action lawsuits and I do not even see many if any "HELP XXXX NOT WORKING" in this thread. I borrowed this title from the brother thread, it was my last thread that I read before I bought the brother. I really do know and understand that all machines have moving and breakable parts but from what I have gotten from this whole veloci-jet thread has been positive and I am seeing owners who are happy with the unit and the company.

I know i have to sell tee's and I have to take business or make business but the main goal is to go to battle with the right equipment. This from all I can tell is the right equipment. You quoted my last sentance from my previous post and that is really what I see with lots of machines. The machine owns the shop and dictates the production and I just can't afford that or the huge downtime and I can not afford to have a machine that makes me and my employees want to quit because of the up keep. I am hoping a few more owners chime in and share good or bad but right now this just seems like the best unit on the market.

Last question if you do not mind, 3 color and white , left chest 2x4, back 4x12, what is a real life run time per shirt? Also if I am running inventory every day am I better off line drying pretreatment a day in advance or must pretreatment always be heat pressed? Is a conveyor oven ok for pretreatment?

Again I want to thank you and everyone else who has taken their time to add their opinion of this machine and their experiences. Take care and happy and profitable printing to all of you.


chobay July 14th, 2010 10:43 PM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
I can't speak for Brother or Kornit maintenance procedures, but I think this is sort of the norm for Epson printers? Doesn't everyone clean their capping stations, wipers and print head?

The weekly procedure is called for. If your encoder strip is dirty, it will start to cause all kinds of problems. I agree with the "checking your tire pressure" analogy.

You will not see a lot of "HELP XXXX NOT WORKING" posts in this subforum b/c most of us are smart enough to contact support directly..:)

I intend to post a comprehensive objective review at some point, but I have a several jobs totaling 600 shirts coming up.. There are great things about the veloci jet, and some things that can & will be improved upon. I can however, say that the print quality is EXCELLENT, & I will put my dark prints up against any other Epson printer or the $60k Brother for that matter..

I don't exactly know print times. I print everything in doublepass, so maybe 1.5-2min for the chest print? A 4x12 is pretty quick, I do a lot of larger 11x16 type prints which may take 3 minutes or so for doublepass. I believe due to the limitations of the print head and engine, all of the Epson based printers print at pretty much the same speed. The increase in workflow pretty much depends on how fast you load shirts, and the delay time between passes. The 2UP platen that Equipment Zone offers sounds like it will increase workflow, but you either have to have 2 presses, or cure 2 shirts at once. There is another thread regarding this platen that you may want to check.

I wouldn't recommend air drying pretreated shirts. For one thing, pressing shirts helps to lays down fibers on the shirt, providing for a smoother print. Another good reason to press - Removing moisture from the shirt prior to printing. Pressing after pretreating only takes about 20-30 seconds, so i'm not sure of the cost/benefit of running through a conveyor. Some people pretreat/press a batch of shirts before printing, I prefer pretreating and pressing a shirt while the printer is printing..

HPS July 15th, 2010 06:28 AM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
Thank you very much again. Good luck with that 600 run. I hope they fly thru for you. That is where I want to be, printing large rush runs and cashing checks, or at least cashing more checks then I am writing. Thanks again and best regards

hal August 13th, 2010 07:00 PM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
We own a Brother and purchased a Veloci-jet a few months ago. It will make a great boat anchor. We have lost money on this machine (lost jobs, lost time, lost lease payments, lost $ on parts). The Brother is a great machine with no problems.

chobay August 14th, 2010 06:56 AM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine

Originally Posted by hal (Post 742920)
We own a Brother and purchased a Veloci-jet a few months ago. It will make a great boat anchor. We have lost money on this machine (lost jobs, lost time, lost lease payments, lost $ on parts). The Brother is a great machine with no problems.

What kind of issues do you have, and why would you need to spend money on parts if it's still under warranty?

hal August 14th, 2010 10:12 AM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
The print head is not under warranty. Banding, poor registration between white underbase and colors, on and on.

chobay August 14th, 2010 10:43 AM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
That's unfortunate that you lost a print head only a few months in. Everyone knows that white ink is a "different beast", so it's hardly fair to compare a brother that only does lights to a white ink printer.

As for the registration, depending on how bad and consistent it is, an edit to the offset in the driver file might fix, adjusting choke, or slowing down the bed speed via the control panel.

What does support say?

I've been meaning to post a comprehensive & objective review of my Veloci Jet, but I haven't had time. (too busy printing..:D)

iTiki August 14th, 2010 10:54 AM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine

Originally Posted by hal (Post 743210)
The print head is not under warranty. Banding, poor registration between white underbase and colors, on and on.

What happened to your print head that was not covered under warranty? We have had a few issues with our machine, but the techs at equipmentZone have been great at getting anything resolved and we have not had to pay for any parts. Without knowing your whole situation, it appears that maybe a few of your issues may be maintenance related. Comparing a machine that does white ink to one that does not, is "apples and oranges". I'm not trying to be a jerk and put the blame for your problems on you as we have had a few issues, too, but they have been resolved and we have been turning a profit with our machine since day 1. I hope your situation improves and things go better for you soon.

hal August 14th, 2010 12:44 PM

Re: Any veloci-jet Owners wish they bought different machine
None of our problems are maintenance related. My son is anal when it comes to maintenance. We have now found out that machine was never tested at high speed. We have sensor issues...meaning the sensors were not properly set at factory.
Now the system that raises and lowers to print is now grinding.
We've been told to raise the ink level to help solve the banding problems...then the ink drained into the other colors. Now I wonder if I wasted $400 getting a new print head as that may have not been the problem. You can try to make this our fault, but no one should have to say three Our Father and Two Hail Marys every time you print a job. We've wasted 5 weeks without a single good print but wasting time, money and ink. Yes, the techs are good and are trying to help us, but I think that they are really faced with trying to paint a pig.

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