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[GREAT BRITAIN - UK] - My experience with Firebird DTG Ink

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Old June 2nd, 2015 Jun 2, 2015 7:04:23 AM -   #1 (permalink)
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Default My experience with Firebird DTG Ink

Firebird DTG Ink UK review

I have been using firebird dtg ink for 6 months. I would like to report the experience on the whole as being a good decision.

I have a k3 (Epson r18000) and have used DTG brand inks for 6 months, resolute for a few months and finally settled using DuPont ink and resolute pre-treat as being the best combination for me over the last 2 years up until now.

I was upset to find I was unable to purchase direct from Firebird US as I am based in the UK. I looked on their website for suppliers in the EU and found Globe Trading Ltd and promptly ordered some white ink for testing. 5 days Later It arrived.

I first swapped out the white ink. Completely flushing the wims and replacing the filters and dampers.

1 ink charge and 3 head cleans later it was printing like a dream. This continued all day.

The next day after following the recommended shut down evening procedure from firebird. Again, printing fantastic.

Half way through the day I had to do a manual clean and found I was dealing with a different beast entirely. Everywhere in the printer which is in regular contact with the white ink was a cakey mess. After a slightly more extended than usual cleaning it was back to business. Seeing it such a hardened mess was oddly reassuring in the way that the ink was obviously a lot tougher than the rest. (AFTER SWAPPING MY INK CAP ASSY THIS HAS NEVER OCCURRED AGAIN)

The reports of the ink having a distinctive smell when cured are not wrong, it does dissipate quickly enough though and you do get used to it. After a few minutes it just smells like a new t shirt, the final product is no-more no less nasally offensive than other brands.

Thoroughly impressed I then ordered cmyk and pre-treat from GLOBE TRADING LTD based in Bulgaria. I am currently in the UK. For those reading who are not European this would at least add on 5 days to your delivery and generally be regarded as a bad decision.

When you are used to having everything next day this could be a problem. However Globe trading is VAT registered, they can and will get your ink to you next day though express TNT service for a very reasonable price if it is requested.

He has helped above and beyond the call of duty when things have gone wrong as inevitably they will when ordering from overseas, add more distance and hands to pass through but as long as you are ordering in advance of when you expect to need more ink this is the man to trust.

The cmyk is great. Itís a visibly better colour match to the on screen image compared to the others I have used. Other than that I have not noticed any difference other than that to my bottom line.

The updated universal pre-treat is witchcraft. I refused to believe that the gun was working and stripped it and cleaned it, spray again only to realise the shirt was soaking.

The dark pre-treat is not for me; it basically, under my minor testing, only worked on some blacks and stained anything else. The white pre-treat I find un-necessary and canít really compare it to anything. I donít like it, but then again I donít like pre-treating white shirts.

I can honestly say this stuff is magic. It takes a little getting used to, but so did the brand I was using before. I would advise anybody new to the business to try it before anything else, if you are going to learn one it might as well be this. If you are 6-12 months in and are struggling with the ink you already have, stick to that brand until you have learned it or are fully confident in switching ink out. If you have a few years experience it is defiantly worth trying.

The price is really honest. You may have noticed that DuPont are lowering the cost of their inks. I am not privy to any information but this does look to me like the giant is scared and we have been milked. This ink was obviously made with the experience of a DTG print technician in mind instead of archaic bureaucracy and monopoly of products. Oh sorry, thatís the meeting at the docks tomorrow. Back to the ink...

Pro's, better pre-treat, better whites, better colour match and better value.

Cons, more cleaning, initial odour, logistics.

My motivations for writing this are nothing more than a good experience with using Firebird Ink and Globe Trading LTD along with my plunder of information from this forum over the years. I have no affiliation with either other than that of a customer and have not received anything in exchange for this review.
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Old June 2nd, 2015 Jun 2, 2015 7:47:22 AM -   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: My experience with Firebird DTG Ink

Good review Liam, we also have switched to Firebird via Globe with good results. It beats most other pre treat hands down, but does require substantial testing....also the smell is definitely something you need to get used to
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cleanshirt (June 2nd, 2015)

This is a discussion about My experience with Firebird DTG Ink that was posted in the United Kingdom section of the forums.

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