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Jackie here. Zorrel is an excellent product. We live in Florida and my husband works in construction. He has been wearing this brand for about a year and loves their tee's...and undies.

My tidbit is: This moisture wicking "ingredient" is woven into the garment, not sprayed or dipped (which is why the tee's are not scratchy). Therefore, it will last for the lifetime of the garment and not wash away after 7-10 times. To receive more information go to Zorrel.com; contact us; email the sales dept., and request a catalog. All the product info is on the first page.

If you plan on purchasing their product, it is a little high and I would keep in touch with the member (sorry, forgot your name) who has a contact in their warehouse. Actually, you may want to see if they can provide you with a catalog before going through the sales dept..
Thanks for the testimonial on Zorrel Tees. Two quick things the price of the Zorrel Dri-Balance Tee has gone down for 2007. We have also introduced the Boston Syntrel Microfiber shirt. This is definitely the least expensive/best quality shirt on the market today.

For Information and a new 2007 catalogue e-mail: [email protected]

Thanks Again

[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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