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Hello I am new to the forum and glad to be here. I can already tell this is where I need to be. I am an artist in the bay area. I work in all different media but have worked with screen printing for fine art applications and have also worked off and on in screen printing shops just as a printing worker bee. A lot of work and not to much learning. In the last few years I have gotten into graphic design in photoshop and have been making t shirt designs but outsourcing the printing loosing a big chunk of my profit. So I am here to educate myself on how to go about fixing that. I love screen printing but Am also interested in other printing possabilites such as heat press transfer printing. I just want to learn from those who have been there before me so I do not make unnesisary expensive mistakes. This will be a big step for my buisness plans so I figure might as well take it slow and do my research because its not going to be cheap but If I have learned anything over the years it is a lot cheaper to do it right the first time. And I might not get a second chance. I hope to learn alot and hope that i will be able to have something to offer the forum aswell.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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