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hi im new to the forum and pretty new to the tee sector in general (apart from wearing them) i have always liked nice prints on shirts and dabbled in all printing & graphic design at school & art college but life pushed me away from art and fashion but now i have chose my own path and here i am and im from Yorkshire in the U.K.

My company (if you can call it that) is called ZED or DEAD & Z or DEAD
website is just a facebook fanpage for now which is http://facebook.com/zedordeadclothing

I am a sole trader at the moment & starting from scratch making hand painted art shirts in all styles and even the customers own shirts & clothes they bring me can be customised to their specifications.

I am also going to be starting screen printing soon and will be mixing both styles together.
I have read so many articles from this forum over the years but never joined so now i have :D
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