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Does anyone have experience with zazzle and their shirt colors versus design? Im concerned about the meaning of this statement on their website:

If you select a colored garment, the colors of the image — though still vibrant and durable — will differ from the colors represented in the galleries. . . .the resulting image color is a combination of the ink dyes and the fabric color. If you choose an image with yellow colors to print on a blue shirt, for instance, the final image will appear light green. The darker image colors are, of course, less affected — a black image will appear black on all shirt colors.

This would suggest that you have no control over final color of the product, and thus, since this is an online operation without proofs, you're taking a real big gamble. How can zazzle exist if its not What You See is What You Get?

Wondering if anyone can assuage my worries before I plunge into Zazzle

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