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I completely agree Rodney. I found Zazzle is a great way to get started in the business if you have designs that are desirable to a market and can find a way to talk them. Zazzle's online system is second to none. But the real limitation I found is the size of the area allowed for printing. They are much better than CP, but not even close to the capability of SS. We are starting to gain a little momentum after spending about 6 months experimenting with the system.

Word of mouth, Social Networking, learning to optimize Meta tags, buying advertising, and etc are all helpful, but in the end you have to have a desirable product for the people you are talking to. You can always change manufacturers when finances allow the investment for the next step. My advice, regardless of who you use, make a good product and make the path to your door easy to find or you will sell little to nothing. Don't rely on a manufacturer to sell it for you. :eek:

Pacific Oracle Designs

It's free, so how could it be "not" worth it to try it out?

Keep in mind, that Zazzle is just a "service". You control whether you're successful or not.

You could be successful at the smallest, no name company or unsuccessful at the biggest fulfillment company on the web. The constant is *you* and your marketing/advertising that will make you successful.

Yes, you may get some sales from the marketplace of those sites, but if you really want to take it to that next level, you won't rely on anybody else to get sales for you.
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