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I must be the only person here who finds Zazzle poorly designed -- maybe not from a feature set perspective, it is hands-down better than CafePress on that score.

But it's SO confusing. There are a ton of links and options and nothing seems intuitively laid out. I agree completely that there are great tools there for promotion and so on, but finding them is the problem. Do like the template listing, but unless I am dumber than a box of logs (always a possibility), once you have created the image, you are only able to alter the price markup, categories etc? No way to alter the actual product image?

I also find it really nasty that if you forget to log in, the links created do not have your RF code, even though you are greeted at the top of the page with your sign in name and a message saying (not you?) as if you WERE logged in. And, although I have not tested this, the ZPanel doesn't seem to add the RF code to the links. I emailed Z about this and got no response.

Love the idea of designing for shoes, skateboards and so on, but almost every aspect of Z is confusing. No option for bulk change/add description I could find. They could use a zen website designer to cut through the pages and pages of ****e and clear the clutter and make a new navigation that is simple and easy to understand.
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