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Zazzle is letting artists select products to donate 100% of the profits (our profits AND theirs) to Hurricane Sandy Victims. These can be any products, not just Hurricane Sandy designs. You can get more details here:

Supporting the Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Sandy « Zazzle Blog

They are showing all the items artists are donating here:
Hurricanesupport T-Shirts, Hurricanesupport Gifts, Art, Posters, and more

To get your product listed there it seems like the tag hurricanesupport needs to be in the first 10 tags. I may be wrong on that, but I had one product that didn't show up there until I moved the tag to the first 10.

I'm so impressed by this. I mean, both CP and Zazzle has let us do this before, but not at 100%...they would donate 10% or so (like the recent Breast Cancer fundraiser at CP) or maybe have a few featured shirts that had a 100% donation. This is such a step past that and I'm really floored and thankful to see Zazzle doing this.
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