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I'd just like to see what you guys think about these heat presses and their prices.



The first one: AU$999, plus $95 shipping (please note this is Australian dollars)

The second one: $1399, plus $95 shipping.

My budget is really under AU$1000 (I think that is about US$760). Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

My vinyl cutter was only AU$1050 (with shipping), I thought I'd be spending less on my heat press... I was hoping for a 15 X 15 clam press. I'm considering the HIX (or similar quality) non-digital, but I can't find anyone stocking them in Australia.

Is there much down-side to getting a non-digital press?
For 'medium' volume work would you reccomend going digital?
What are you using and how much did it cost?

like always, thanks heaps!

Jasper Schwab
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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