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Your Relationships With Screen Printers

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How do you guys work with screen printers on referrals?

Do you just support each other and refer back and forth, that is, you get small runs SPs don't want and you refer large runs that are better suited for SPs?

Or do you work on a referral fee basis?

How much of your business comes from screen printers?

And do you work with embroiders? How so?

Thank you.
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I scrapped my screen printing equipment just over a year ago in favor of DTG printing. In that time, I've found that you need the flexibility to offer both. What I did was to approach a large screen printer in the area about his contract pricing, he also offers embroidery and sign making, so I offer those services to my customers as well.

Now, when a customer approaches me with a job, I evaluate if I am better off printing it for them by DTG or contracting the job out to the screen printer. Sometimes, I will order plastisol transfers and press them myself (usually for numbers or kids' shirts). I am able to price all of the screen printing jobs to the point where I make $3-$4 per shirt without doing any of the actual work. If the customer art is something that I can handle, then I do it myself and bill accordingly. If I can't I just pass it along to the screen printer's art department.

The factors that I use are number of colors, color of shirt, and time that the customer needs it in.

As a manual screen printer I was unable to compete with the big automatic press operators, so now I just use their pricing to my advantage.
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I my self work with them in a return favour agreement. This for me is working very well. They keep me busy and I send all the large jobs or 1-2 colour jobs to them. All depending on what it will cost the customer I recomend the cheapest and best out come for them. I find honesty works better than greed and that way you keep all parties happy. Also when They have a few questions as I we can talk to each other and get the customer a good product at a good price, especially the way the economy is at present every one wants to save a dollar when they can.
How do you find the swaping of Screen printing to DTG was it a good move?
How do you find the swapping of Screen printing to DTG was it a good move?
I just fell into the screen printing equipment and really didn't set my shop up properly . . . or know what was really necessary. It was frustrating and messy . . . especially team numbers.

I enjoy the DTG because I can spend more time being creative without having to worry if I have the technical skills to print it. I love that I can make a shirt for my daughters to wear to school whenever an idea hits me. I have a TJet3, and love it . . . as long as it's being used. When it sits for any time at all it can be a headache.

The way I do it now, all jobs under 24 pieces gets printed DTG. Any full color orders up to 75 pieces get DTG also. Pretty much everything else gets contracted out. I am branching out to more than just shirts, and have fun printing on odd things like art canvas or jeans.

At first I was ordering plastisol transfers for jobs that I didn't have the skill to print, but finding a contract printer is SO much cheaper.
Pricing will be the key to what preference in printer
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