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Dear Forumers,

I need your help!
I'm writing articles for our company's blog.
The company created Product Designer software for CS-Cart, Magento and other platforms.

We have some clients who have very successful online printing websites in UK, in USA, in Russia and worldwide and they are happy to share useful pieces of advice with startups and other entrepreneurs within our blog articles. I'm planning to make it as the interviews. Of course, I have already made the list of questions about the most sensitive subjects in the online printing business. But, It's only my questions and questions that I have found on different forums.

I'm sure that I must ask only 20 questions or less. It will be a too long story.

I need your help to sort out priorities in questions I want to include in the article and to jog my memory if I forget about some important issues in the printing business.

So, make your own short list of important questions to an existing successful garment printing online business.

Of course, as the articles are ready, I will post them on this forums. :)
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