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Your favorite G is here

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Hey everything my name is Garin, new here. I'll be posting tee designs I guess and getting opinions. Hopefully you can help me on some online contests! I'm working on starting my own tee co, the logo is below. Looking forward to it!

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Nice logo, I like it a lot.
The curl/wave at the end makes me think of Quicksilver. Depending on who you are going after that may or may not be a good thing.
Welcome to TSF BIG G!.
Welcome, Garin. Really liking the logo, good luck with your business :)
Here's one of the first shirts:

and thanks :)
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Wow. I really like that tee. Do you have a website up yet? If not, PM me when you do and I'll blog about you :)
I like the logo, G! The blues and yellow do well together... definitely looks like you're aiming for a "surf style"
Not yet, but I'll keep you in mind for when I do. Thanks for the feedback guys
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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