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Young Entrepreneur

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Hey everyone, my name is Seth (although some people call me $eth or Meta, <<don't ask). I am a Co-Owner of Weirdoe Clothing (although i am the brains behind everything except for the intial t-shirt designs) I am currently a High School Student, and have had a love for business since i could remember. I am here to learn, and then hopefully i will be able to answer questions
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Hey Seth, we met already. Nice job helping out today. Welcome again!!!
Being so young myself (currently 19, started at 15) I have to welcome you to the forums. Don't ever let anyone talk you down because of your age, and make sure you always have fun.

Good luck!
im the same as you seth! a highscool euntrapraneur trying to make a buisiness. or learn a cool hobby at least.

I was 25 when I started my business and everyone in town was a little shaky about doing business with me since I was "young". Don't let that discourage you on having your own business at that age. I have had employees that complained about the fact that I tell them what to do as a boss when they are almost old enough to be my parent. Its a roller coaster but eventually it will all get better. I have had my business open for 3 years now and even as a young entrepreneur, I was able to get a large corporation to have me do their shirts, jackets, etc because they like my work. I guess the younger we are, the more creative we can be. Keep that in mind. I hope you guys do well.

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