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Young business owner seeking advice

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Hi all,
Im new to the forum and adore what it has to offer. I own an on-site gymnastics apparel vendor. On-site I sell swearshirys, tshirts, etc. I use a series of tables and 7 foot gridwalls to display my steadily growing inventory. My speciallty is on site embroidery on everything I carry. I do all my own screen printing too. My ISSUE...I have no idea what to decide ion for my next move. I want to do alot of things, seeminly, too many ideas. On one hand, I want to expand and travel to other parts of the country to vendor and expand...possibly do some franchising. On the other hand I want to set up a shop and start "taking orders" for sports teams and such. Currently, business as of now is great. I make enough to pay the bills, eat, live life and support my business. But I just have this burning sensation in me to become a freaking powerhouse lol im sure plenty of you can probably relate so please, leave some insight lol what should I do? What would be a smart next step?
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Time: Can you expand your business with your current resources? If you are the heart of the business what happens when you are not there or need to be at two places at once.

Firstly get a website with e-commerce and on-line customisation (TRY RSK tech) that customers who dont order on the spot can order later via the website.

Dont grow too quickly and plan each stage. Growing too quickly could cause problems like cash flow issues.

I have two site thats i have taken 11 years to get too, both shops on the high street. It is the time issue . If you are rolling with what you have . Go with what Mabuzi says a website is great as you maybe able to run it from where you are. Believe me expanding is hard and with two location time is never your own. Hope i help a little
Over the years I have grown to dislike businesses that relies on more people. I had been very active in college, reached top campus positions in 2 major organization, so dealing with people is not the problem. I am not the dynamic type though but more people simply means more problem although some business thrive on their people. Anyway, that is something to consider.

I would also consider putting up a website. This will enable you to "expand and travel to other parts of the country to vendor and expand...possibly do some franchising" later when you have the product or brand name(image) to franchise for. There is no reason why you can't "set up a shop and start 'taking orders' for sports teams and such" at the same time although a shop entails additional overhead. But this is something for you to decide.
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