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Yellow fades as each print progresses

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When printing a job the print starts fine then the yellow fades out. the other colors stay strong.


anyone can help
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Check your ink flow from the bulk system bottle through to the yellow cartridge on top of your print head. Unsnap the yellow cartridge from the print head, turn it upside down, stick a syringe through the nozzle and see if you can easily suck the ink through the hose and the cartridge. If it takes a great deal of effort then take the ink hose off the cartridge, stick the syringe in the ink hose, and try pulling the ink out again. If the ink flow is much easier then you should replace the cartridge.

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thanks ... tried that and changing the cartridge. Also did a head cleaning by forcing cleaner down through the yellow port.
What does your nozzle check show?

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it prints solid like the no need to clean
Could also be a clogged breather vent on your bulk system bottle.

It can also be your capping assembly. Yellow is an outer color so if the capping station is not sitting correctly it could cause your problem. The capping assembly is a wear part so we recommend replacing it with a new assembly at least once a year.

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Thanks for the help.

We did clean and have recently changed the caping station and are replacing the head and ribbon

Thanks again. any idea on why the print head would go bad on just one cell?
If you recently changed the capping assembly I would check out the new one you put in. If it is somehow not put back in properly it would cause that.

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different reason for different situations..

ink- not shaken enough
humidity levels
environment temperature is different (hotter or colder)

make sure that you cleaning around the printhead and wiper every night.

Printheads can lose one color or all of them.

How old are your ink lines? we lost yellow on a daily basis because of old ink lines.
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