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OK I've been lurking in the shadows long enough.
Rodney I found your name in an article online and you were kind enough to answer my email questions and advise me to join here.
This forum is excellent. What a wealth of info.

I'm diving in to this t-shirt thang. Hopefully a little supplimental $ would be nice. I'm a graphic artist of 15+ years mostly with two major corporations.
I've dabbled in doing my own basic screen printing in the past for fun.

A buddy and I jokingly thought of a funny idea years ago and finally decided to roll with it. Start costs are so minimal ... why not.

I've thought so many times of purchasing the big equipment and going nuts, but I'm more on the design front and let the pros handle the prints.

So let me say I'm glad to join and hope to learn more and contribute!

PS: Rodney - I play in a band for fun and a guitar player we had years ago had a shirt on that said - Can't Sleep Clowns will eat me. I said man that is funny where'd you get that!

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Hey Randy, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums. I'm glad you decided to check it out!

Thanks for taking the time to register and post :)

What was your guitar player's name?

PS. What kind of music do you play?
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