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Yellow background printing in photoshop

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Hi everyone, For some reason when I print my designs from photoshop Im getting a light yellow background even though in photoshop I have the background as white. Does anyone know why this is happening? Just as a test I inserted the images in a MS Word document and it printed good from there. Hope someone might know. Thanks
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I get this if I am prinitng to my RIP software. The exact same thing, a yellow background when it is clearly white on my screen and in my values.

I've never been able to figure out the problem, but what I do is I try to make the background transparent. Some images are easier than others to do this with, but I use the magic wand tool alot and delete the background and after printing, there is no longer any yellow.

I would be interested in hearing why this is happening as well if anyone has any ideas.
The quick assumption would be that it looks white, but it isn't actually pure white (255/255/255), and the printer is printing it out much darker than it appears on screen. DTG said their values were also fine however, so that couldn't be it there.

The suggestion of making it transparent is probably your best and easiest bet, if you do indeed have pure white. If the magic wand tool won't work well for a complicated design, you can also use Select->Color Range to select all the white in the picture, and then delete it (thus making it transparent). Also note that you can't make it transparent if it's set as the background layer -- which is easily solved by making a copy of the layer, and getting rid of (or hiding) the background layer.

Finally, another thing that might be worth trying is to simply save the finished design as a PNG (or tiff, but png is smaller) and print it from a different program. I do this anyway because it's easier for me - I don't have to wait for Photoshop to load when I want to print something; I just print it off from Irfanview.
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Thanks for the help. I don't know why it keeps happening in photoshop. I'm just going to print it from another program as you suggested because there's really no benefit from printing them out in photoshop.
Check your Source Space and Print Space on the Photoshop Print Preview dialog.
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