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Hi guys,

I finally decided to register after reading the forums for quite some time now. Lots of good info here that I have been working at implementing into my own site.

Check it out at http://www.yabbos.com and feel free to offer some constructive criticism. Lack of traffic has been a problem but we're working on it and reading plenty here for ideas.

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monkeylantern said:
It's a rejected Threadless sub (as are at least some of the others). It amuses me that what Threadless considers not worth printing is what many other t-shirt sites consider worthy enough to start a shop to sell. Don't get me wrong, plenty of Threadless rejects are better than anything I've ever done, and I'd do the same thing - it just amuses me.

Personally I prefer Noah's Arcade and Corporate Break.
Given the volume of Threadless submissions, it's hardly surprising they can't print the vast majority of good entries. I think about 1/3 of the stuff the do print is pretty crappy to be honest....how the selection process works is beyond me (although we all klnow it has no relation to public voting)
Hi Guys,

Thanks for checking out the site. You are correct that most of the current designs have run through the threadless submission process but with the volume of submissions they receive there is really no way they can print all the good ones. This way the artists are still getting printed and getting something for their designs.

We will be running designs very soon that are originals from the artists listed, including one from John Mitchell (John2 on threadless). Maki's is also an original.

But, with all of that, do you have any suggestions for the site? Getting the word out has proven to be difficult as we have had a max of only 600 visitors in a day.

Could I ask what your conversion of those 600 has been? Have you submitted to Google/AOL, and taken all the usual SEO advice steps?
Conversions have not been great. I don't know if it's pricing or what but I have been considering going to cheaper shirts to lower the price a bit. However, I have seen people returning to buy later. ie; Several signed up for an account before actually purchasing.

We've only been online since mid July so we are just now starting to get into the search engines it seems. I spaced out submitting us to google until last week but the googlebot has been spidering the site before that due to external links I assume. We are still not indexed ther however.

Where I really run into problems is the SEO thing as I am not all that web savvy. I have been reading up on it but the site is far from perfect I know and zencart isn't the best for seo anyway it seems from reading various things n the zen forums.

One thing I am thinking about doing is adding some online games to the site as a reason fro others to keep coming back and a good reason for them to tell others about the site. Has anyone done this? Results?

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It's nice start, really. check out mines and tell me what you think.
Yabbo the site looks real good
The site does look good. You said you launched in July?

What did you do for the inital launch? Like how did you promote it and get traffic?

Thanks for the compliments guys.

We got most of our traffic from t-shirt blogs. Since they liked our designs and unique commision plan several of them gave us a write up. We also ran a couple coupons through July 30th.

Daily traffc now varies between 150 and 375 now, since we have fallen off the front page of the blogs, with weekends being the slowest.
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