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xSitePro is great for site creation, however, at $200 its a little expensive for just one site. Some html knowledge is good to get things tweeked the way you would like but not nessesary. Xsite Pro requires that you have a web host to upload/publish to.

MHO, xsite pro is better for someone who wants to create a lot of websites quickly. It comes with a bunch of templates you can choose from which can make the design kinda all looks the same just different images (but hey, there's only so many layouts right?).

Personally, I'd like Wordpress, the content management is great. Far more FREE templates/themes to choose from, not so many free fro xsite pro, and themes installation is very easy. There are A LOT of plugins to choose from and install! Wordpress was originally a blogging platform, but it can be setup with static pages, even setup a eCommerce site with it.

There are two versions of Wordpress, wordpress.com and wordpress.org. With Wordpress.com, everything is hosted on their servers. Wordpress.org you install on your web host. I use GoDaddy, they offer Wordpress and it can be installed very easy. If you use wordpress.com you are stuck with their url, it you use wordpress installed on a web host, you choose your own domain name.

Hope this helps...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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