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Hey does anybody have any experience with the Xprescreen mesh? for those of you who dont know, its a prefab mesh that has emulsion already embedded onto the screen and requires a carbon copy and a flash unit to expose the picture.

Now, I've noticed that every time I try doing two color designs they dont exactly line up correctly even after I line then up before I expose them especially intricate designs...once I place the metal frames with clamps they are off by a few centimeters on both sides.

Also, is there an ink cleaner that I can use that is not harsh on the screen itself? I have an ink cleaner I bought from Ryonet but have noticed that after a while the image on the mesh starts to warp and shrink causing the stencil itself to loosen up.

Also, how do I solve the problem of pin holes? every time I make copies to burn I dont notice them on the paper but when i expose the image i discover them after a few runs and its a pain in the butt to cover up...really time consuming...I'm strongly considering using the emulsion with prestretched frames. any help would greatly be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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