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x4 Error Message! Help

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ok so heres the deal guys, i was in my print preview screen on X4 looking at seperations, and for some reason my computer froze up for a second and then Shutdown the program all together..so i open corel up again and everything is fine until i go to print preview..Its give me the Error Message "Valid workspace file not found at path specified" and then shuts down corel!! ive tried going into print settings and see if there was something On or Off that would cause this error,but No luck! what do i do?? i dont have the disk to reload the program, it was lost when moving houses.. so im searching for ideas and anything will help at this point..im stumped..Thanks in advance Yall!
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There should be a back CD file on your computer. Its a repair CD loaded onto your computer, if you look in your Corel folders you should find an icon that looks like a CD of x4. Open that up and do a repair of Corel.

Also, did you have any recent updates with MSN?
I would close all programs, clear out your temp files, restart your computer, try loading corel and print previewing a file that you know works, then if it works, load the trouble file and preview again. (a good program to clean temp files is ccleaner)
you can also press and hold I think F8 while starting Corel to reset all of your workspace settings to default and see if that clears it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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