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It's a decent blog. You've also got some nice social media happening with Twitter and Facebook. The MySpace page link didn't work when I tried it, so you might want to fix that or remove it.

The first thing I noticed is that the logo at the top of the page is really huge. I have a pretty big monitor, and the logo took up almost all of it. Pretty much the entire informational portion of the site was below the fold and I had to scroll down to see it. You might want to look at sizing that logo way down.

You need better shirt pictures. The ones you have now aren't that good. It would be nice to get some pictures of the shirt on a model or two.

I would guess "The Family" page consists of bands or singers that you sponsor or are affiliated with, but there's no way to know that. Unless your brand is for insiders only, and those insiders will already understand who the family is, you might want to give some explanation.

I guess I'm really not quite sure what you're trying to do here. You've got bands and music, charitable donations, a little bit of religion on the About Us page, and that all leaves no clear direction. When you were planning this site, who did you think would buy your shirts? Keep those people in mind and try to aim your site towards them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts