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I love Solmu. When our new site goes up, it'll certainly be put forward to the Solmu Test. But probably by private email, just in case.....

I have to say I agree with 99% of the feedback. The key to large sales (or at least, sales of a level to support one or two people comfortably) is giving the buyer confidence in your product. A website design uses essentially the same skills as screen printing: a keen eye for design. People judge your design abilities based partly on your website presenting them.

If people going to your website think they've just discovered into a HTML timecapsule dug up from the mid-nineties, whose entombed contents seem to have rotted in the mean time, they are not filled with confidence. Slapdash website suggest slapdash product. Even if your actual prints are excellent, your site certainly doesn't say that to me. It says "these people don't really care about quality control".

I also agree that you need a cohesive brand image. I can see the makings of what you're aiming at, but I don't think at this stage you pull it off. The story of coming up with the idea down the pub with beer in hand is fine (hey, the Pez myth eBay still spouts in faux rags-to-riches glory works for them), but lauding it when still in the "rags" part of that equation is a risky move. Fine that you came up with the idea down the pub, but not if the website looks like you were still drunk when making it.

Given the HTML problems, I'd advise buying a template, and modifiying it. Or offering a local computer science uni student $300 to make one for you. This is the front end of your business.....you need it to be polished. If you walked into a high street shop and there was sawdust and rabbit droppings on the floor, with the cashier screaming "I WAS DRUNK WHEN I DECIDED TO OPEN A SHOP!", and the mauve ceiling, orange walls, and green flock wallpaper on the floor raping your eyes, I imagine you'd turn around.

Did I mention I love Solmu?

PS. And yes, Kookai are enormous.

PPS. But good luck! Hire a uni student to polish the site!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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