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Wrong Glass ? Exposure unit related

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Hi there

Ok, it's true when they say you have to do things yourself to make sure they're done the right way.

Long story short, I sent a friend to pick up a piece of glass 32x32 1/4inch to use on my MH exposure unit.
Just got home and he bought a piece of laminated glass (2 pieces of 1/8 with a piece of film in the middle), he got a "good deal" because it was a scrap piece. Cannot return it because he already cut it to size. :rolleyes:

I won't be able to test it tonight, so I thought maybe throw it in here to see if someone knows something about glass and if that would work or not.

Thanks in advance
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that laminate probly keeps it from shattering and gives it strength, I doubt it would work..tho' I hope it does for you.
I know, is called Safety-glass IIRC, but have no idea about the UV issue.
I'll bet the lam will block uv. Just try it.
How'd you go about testing ?
I haven't use this unit yet, so I'm not aware of it exposing times.
If I knew, I'd expose for that known time and if it doesn't work I can blame the glass, but i'm not sure on how to proceed in my situation.
Laminates ae usually made of plastics such as cellulose butyrates and need uv protection, very likely to block uv light, just do an exposure with half covered by the glass and see if there is a difference.
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if you lean it against a white wall and have the sun shining thru it, it will leave a darker shadow than it would if it were not protected.
Amazingly, good news (so far)

Did that test, 3 minutes, I have a good exposure on both sides, I have one part that did wash out, and it was the edge of the glass itself.

Since I'm asking I better ask here and not on another thread :

My metal halide bulb (1000W) is plugged to a power strip with a fuse in it, in that same strip is a bath air extractor that I put in there to move air and keep the heat controlled. Now is the second time it shuts itself off .... too much power for that circuit ?
The bulb itself is showing some sort of white-ish build up inside(on each end of the fillament), comparable to hard-water/calcium you see on your shower. Is brand new, what can that be ?

Pic attached for reference


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