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My question now is, how is that durability achieved.
Maybe plastisol is just more durable than you thought it was?

Personally, I rarely iron t-shirts, and I always iron inside-out when I do, just in case, so I don't even know how durable the prints are from personal experience.

Consider the fact that properly cured plastisol can hold up without cracking for 10+ years, and can handle being washed in hot water and put in a hot dryer (although this is not ideal) without major problems. As you said, you tested ironing the prints and you couldn't get them to smear until you applied extra pressure. Maybe regular, everyday ironing is just not a big deal.

I don't even consider this to be an issue. Almost all shirts are printed with plastisol. If you customers buy your shirts, they are going to expect them to be like the other dozen shirts they already have. It's not like your shirt is going to be the first shirt they have ever bought - so there will be no surprises.

Like the others said, make a note on your tag/care instructions and leave it at that.
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