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Would This Suit My Needs For ONLY Cutting Transfers?

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I'm starting with the heat press & transfers and alot of the designs I plan on using will need to be cut out.

The size of transfers I plan to use are 8.5"x11" and 11"x17".

I went through the threads but most of the answers I found were mainly "do yourself a favor & buy a Roland something-or-other)" model....
now, I don't plan on doing signs or anything.
I just need something small & reliable to cut maybe 15-30 transfers a week and I don't have alot of space because I already have a bunch of screen-printing equipment, 2 printers, a heat press I just ordered and boxes & boxes of materials for my other business...

I came across this "Silhouette Cameo" on HeatPressNation which is just the size I need for what I'll be doing and it says it has optical alignment, which from reading the threads, seems important to have...

here's a link if anyone wants to see it-
Silhouette Cameo - HeatPressNation.com - YouTube

Would this be suitable for simply cutting the heat press transfers?

Sorry if this is the wrong thread/forum, but the vinyl cutter threads were for brand names & this wasn't one of the brands...
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Not familiar with that model but I picked up my CraftROBO ProS used and it works well. Might want to try this post in the Vinyl cutter forum.
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