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Would this intrest you, prebuilt homemade Exposure units

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I have read countless threads on guys.trying to build exposure units and guys who have bought units and have all kinds of issues with them. If I offered to ship out homemade units that can burn screens in under a minute would members be willing to purchase them?

I am more than happy to post the plans online free of charge but I know there is a small group who dont mind just payi.g for a pre built one, lile I want a dtg printer so bad but just dont feel lile doing it. If someone is will ing to ship me a pre built one please pm me.

Any way If there are people wanting a unit I am more than willi.g to build and ship any size, I can upload pics as soon as I get to the shop. Also I will be building 4 color presses in about a week too, once again all plans will be free but if just want one buit and ship here is your chance.

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