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Would this be a good choice for start up?

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In the process of researching the ins and outs of starting a new business.

Been thinking about starting out providing transfer and vinyl printing in house but until business picks up I can get screen printed items done by someone else since the equipment is expensive and it seems like a good amount of knowledge on how to do it would help and I don't want to spend all the money on screen printing equipment if I'm not going to get the sales, once sales pick up then the investment will be worth it and can use company money to pay for it rather than my own.

Does this sound like a decent plan for a new start up?

found this online too, thought the price was great but obviously cheap price could mean cheap equipment but the reason I checked out Vinyl printing was because I found a seller on eBay selling a design I liked and I checked their feedback and they average 800+ sales a month by look of it, very little negative feedback, I'd say less than 1/1000 and they said they use Vinyl printing and get excellent results which obviously reflect in their sales and feedback as the design clearly doesn't fade first wash.

Anyway back to the topic (I do have a habit of wandering off)
this is what I found
Vinyl T-shirt printing package

seems like it got near enough everything to start?
is this too good to be true or is it good?

found this package as well but don't know if would be needed and worth it for what I need
Heat press & vinyl cutter packages

any advice is appreciated guys, after all if I'm going to do it I want to do it right.
If it's not right, point me in the right direction?

as I get rough costs together I can add it to my business plan, seeing a man about office space hopefully in next couple days and having lunch with a potential designer so hopefully things are going in the right direction.

thanks guys
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The one thing I would tell you to prepare for is the cost of vinyl. Each time you get an order you may have to purchase new vinyl for a new color need, or the need for stretch or something. And that new roll may cost more than you make on that order, but you will have the rest of the roll in inventory. We have well over $2500 in vinyl inventory to account for the colors we have used so far. We may have only used 1 foot of something that we have a roll of 15 feet of. Although we also have DTG and screen printing, we just started vinyl a year ago and the $2500 we have in vinyl is probably around where our profit was for vinyl production.

Have fun, good luck in your venture!
so would this be a good way to print t-shirts, mainly want it to be my own designs. or would another method be better?
would like to print to order if possible
I think you got the right idea. You might not be making as much money as you could without your own equipment but you aren't taking a risk either. I say stick with your plan, keep a good track of your sales and see if its worth investing in sometime down the line. Good luck.
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thank you for the advice. I've been thinking about DTG too but the equipment is really expensive but its also expensive to outsource it, seen for small runs some companies wanting around £8-£10 a t-shirt.

How technical can designs get with vinyl printing? Like can you do a full colour complex design or is it best for simpler designs?
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