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Would I need to do a color seperation?

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Hi there, I'm wondering when you would need to do a colour separation. I created a simple design using only two colours (a dull red, dull yellow and a white underbase). I wouldn't need a colour seperation would I? Since I already have the swatches. As well, how would I label each colour with a corresponding pantone colour? (I created the design in illustrator)
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Create your design in layers. 1 layer for each color. Copy each layer and make a new page for each layer and paste only 1 layer to each page. Take the original and flatten or combine channels this is your underbase. Change everything to black or a rich black 100C 100 M 35Y 100K color if not printing with a rip. then on under base I would add a 2 pt white stroke to everything. This will give you a 1 pt stroke as by default Illistrator adds stroke to center. Do the Same for other 2 pages leaving out the adding stroke part. You now have you separations ready to print. There are many others for simple spot color designs for me this is the fastest. If you already created without layers just select all items of each color and paste to a new page.
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