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Would HP LaserJet Pro P1102w For RhinoTech Dry Stencil work?

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I'm looking at the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer to use with the Rhinotech Dry Stencil because its a laser printer (haha) and it appears to be able to load 11x17 film. I am going to verify that when I get to the store, but just wondering if it would be worth a try. It retails for about $140.00.

It's monochrome, so wouldn't be of much help for laser transfers.

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Anyone have an opinion or experience with HP lasers and the Rhinotech stencil?

Thanks a mil.
I am wondering if you ever tried this. My answer would be no based on my experience. I tried using the dry stencil system with my brother hl-2140 and hl-2240 monochrome laser printer and it did not work. I even took a few to office max and had them run them of their much nicer printer. After about five completely failed attempts I gave up wasting my time. I still have some dry stencil stuck to one of my screens, it won't come out.

The catch is this Dry stencil system was designed to work with the Oki 831 printer, which happens to be around $1,800 dollars. While this system may work with the Oki printer, it will not help those that aren't going to shell out the $1,800 for the printer. Conclusion, there is no short cut to burning screens. On the upside, after all that dread of using emulsion and burning screens, I burned my first screen, it worked the first time, wasn't that hard at all.

Hope this helps to anyone considering the "dry stencil" system.


Disagree. I used a Oki C5500n to make the dry stencils and worked fine.
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