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Would anyone be able to heat press for me ASAP!!??

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Hi there. I bought one of the cheap heat presses from ebay. Thought it would be good to get me started until i could afford a better one. While i was heat pressing today I heard a bang and the whole thing shut off and aswell as shutting down the electricity in my house. It will not turn back on now, im not sure what it is it might be the fuse or something else. But i have 4 orders from ebay that i need to ship in a couple days but have no way to do them! is there anyone here that could press them for me??!

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If you can drop them off in Dunfermline I ll do them nae bother!:D
Where are you, i am in north west but can get them done for you if you can get em to us.
how many, what type garments etc.

email or pm me john @ hivis.co.uk
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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