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World-Paper Heat Press??

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I'm looking for a 16x20 or 24 heat press. My 15x15 sunie isn't getting the pressure it should. I contacted them and no response.

I would like to be able to fit the garment onto the press and be able to do sleeves etc. Plus I want to resolve the pressure issue and use my 15x15 for a back up.

I found the world-paper press on ebay and amazon but there are absolutely no reviews on it. It's an auto open for $399. It claims you can close it with one hand? My 15x15 sunie you have to really force down on firm pressure.

Please advise if anyone has experience with this one. I'm secondly considering the Gecko. I'd like to stay low budget on it if I can. I also need a back up cutter...and a sub printer.

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I'm not sure that any of the heat presses you're looking at are going to get the pressure that you need. Most of them are inexpensive because of the quality of the build. That's not meant to be a derogatory statement on the machines, but there are more structural welds on the machines, and structural welds decrease the amount of pressure that you're able to achieve.

If you can swing it, cost wise, I recommend considering a machine like the Stahls Maxx press. It's American made and supported, and will give you ample pressure.
I've been using a gecko for about a year now. My only issue is its not big enough for some things I want to make. And it's now running about 5 degrees cooler than digital read out says it is.

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Is this advertised as a 'sublimation' press? If so, it might not provide enough pressure for applying plastisol transfers. There are budget priced machines that are very good quality. Just make sure that they are fully warranted and provide customer service if needed.
I think the lack of mentions of that brand press on this forum "speaks volume"....
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