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Workhorse Offers New Color Control Panel On Javelin Pro Automatic Press

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The Javelin Pro eight-color/10-station automatic textile screen printing machine has recently been upgraded. The touch screen control panel is now in color, which makes it easier to use.

From the control panel an operator can quickly program the press and do diagnostic testing, which reduces operator error. It features easily identified icons for various functions and is positioned on the press to allow for free space in the operator area. It also has an on-the-fly timer that allows for stroke changes while the press is in production.

The Javelin Pro comes with the latest high-tech software, which ensures maximum production speed and high print quality. Double-index speeds move twice without lifting in-between strokes. The multiple print stroke is more rapid with the table staying up, and you can increase the number of strokes up to nine passes. Real-time production data, which includes shirt counting, allows the operator to judge the length of a run and increase accuracy in scheduling. There is a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

Workhorse Products has distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Turkey, England, Belgium, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and China. For more information or the distributor nearest you, visit the website at www.workhorseproducts.com; e-mail to sales[USER=76054]@workhorse[/USER]products.com, or call (800) 778-8779 Option #1 sales, option #2 service; (602) 437-2305.


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