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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a used Epson Workforce 1100 and a Inkzone Pigment Dye CISS. Since it hasn't been used in awhile and the heads seemed badly clogged, I had to remove and clean the printhead. When I reassembled it and printed a test page, it did not print correctly although the heads seem to be unclogged now. Turned out that the small ribbon on the printhead came loose.

I left the printer alone for a few hour to take a nap. When I got up, I properly reconnected the ribbon and made sure everything is in place. Turned the power back on and nothing, no light on the console or anything. When I look inside on the left, it doesn't even light up either (red light).

Can somebody who is familiar with that I'm experiencing please give me some insights on what's going on and how can I go about fixing this problem. It was just powering on and now nothing. #fyi...I didn't drop it or anything; I was very delicate with this thing. Hopefully somebody can help, thanks in advance. :(:(:(
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