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workforce 1100 not printing colors needed

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Hello all. I created an image in photoshop using 500 resolution, the image I am using is a 3d layer text with multiple colors. the Extrusion colors that I am using print fine however the text letter B which should be Purple is printing black. I am using an epson workforce1100 can someone help me. I am printing to paper as a test run for now. I would like to print to transfer paper soon thank you in advance.
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they checked out fine. it seems that I did not have cmyk settings. know im having probems with heat press that i ordered from ebay vesta heat press. it will not heat up, and the digital cock wont turn on. very frustrating. thanks for your help.
Try a different outlet if it doesn't want to turn on you may have to check the fuses. Unplug the heat press and if you can remove the back of the heat press to expose the fuses behind the digital clock. Look for burnt fuses.

Make sure you have the heat press plugged into the proper outlet. It may also have tripped the breaker.
hey thanks for advice however, I tired to use a different outlet with no luck. I'm afraid that if I open it I will void the warranty on the unit.
True, check your warranty to make sure the electrical is covered.

Good luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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