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I am completely new to the scene, well not completely, because I have been able to do some actual DIY silk screening at home which turned out to be harder than it looks and I have to give it up to those who are screen printing :D

So I have decided to go 100% now with this and will eventually be registering a trademark and creating a LLC or S Corporation as well if all goes as planned. I have always wanted to start a clothing company and know once I get into it I will be very successful, but we all know that it is the beginning of something new that either makes you or breaks you. So I know I will be spending a few thousand dollars at least to get this going at the bare minimum, which is fine.

So, right now this is my plan, and please feel free to leave comments. I am writing to get some constructive feedback.

Right now I just purchased a Epson 1400, I have heard it is a great printer to use, at least to start off with. I plan on using this with Pigmented inks and Jet Pro Soft Stretch paper to start off with. I have a new heat transfer press which I bought for $250 which is a great deal. I have Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and a great Dell Scanner. I plan on making hand drawn designs as well as vectored designs. I am hoping this set up will be sufficient enough. I plan on opening a webstore with my shirts and going to conventions, events, stadiums, pretty much everywhere to get my name out and known and network the piss out of my company :)

I do have a few questions though.

1. How long will pigmented inks last. I want to sell quality products to my consumers so I can have repeat customers and would also like word of mouth.

2. I ultimately would like to use sublimation since the ink actually stains the material and wont feel like there is anything on the tshirts and will last for a long time. What would be the most cost effective way of doing so?

3. I was going to start off by outsourcing the designs to first-edition.com but decided not to because of having my own printer and paper would be cheaper at first. Is what they provide any different than these self weeding papers I will be using?

Again, I have soo many questions but I will keep them to a minimum for now since this is my first post :)

Thank you all in advance for reading and giving great comments, I already have seen how great this forum is. Thanks!

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