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Wooden Nickels with a Brother GT-541

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Hello, I'd like to try imprinting wooden nickels with my Brother DTG for a church carnival. Does anyone know where to purchase blank wooden nickels in bluk. :confused:
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Re: Wooden Nickels

I am not sure how much they are but I think Brian at direct2shirt carries them.
Re: Wooden Nickels

I was looking into making some for a while, and contacted Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. and they responded quickly and their prices looked pretty good..

Good luck

sometime they call them "tuit" like "I'll do it when I get a Round Tuit" Coins
Re: Wooden Nickels

You can source wooden nickel blanks here:
10000 Blank Wooden Nickels

Re: Wooden Nickels

Thank you everyone. I'll let you know the turnout later.:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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