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Hello all :),

I'm a t-shirt sales newbie. I've made shirts for campus events and (from those) have gotten a boat load of personal requests for custom shirts. I have always done basic Staples-transfers-to-shirt designs and the quality is now what I'm looking to push, so I've decided to use my talent to startup my own small business.

Unfortunately, funding for a heat press, domain, etc. is gonna take a while to accumulate, so I wanted to use Spreadshirt for the time being while I build up start-up finances.

The thing is, I HATE the shop format. It's hideous. I plan to use my social networks to promote myself (among other things) to increase traffic to my temp. site, and I'm sure they won't be too fond of the layout either. I've used Wix in the past for a few things and would like to use their site as a store. Is there a way to integrate the two?

Thanks in advance :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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