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Winpcsign & Gem master

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Just thought I would share because I was pulling my hair out trying to make this work.

1) I use winpcsign 2012 to do my fills and bitmap conversion.
2) I use to own a ioline crystal press and I could save right to a .plt file and into crystal studio with no problem.
3) I now own a cams 1v2p and love it.
4) Gemmaster sucks! (sorry, but its true), a nice fill tool would make a world of difference.
5) Sierra hot fit seems pricey at 800+.
6) I found that if I export my plt and then import to corel draw (I dont use illustrator), I could save as a AI 8 file and bring into gemmaster... but gem master didnt like the thickness and "rasterized" circles that winpcsign made.
7) Found a corel draw macro for $10 bucks
Rhinestone Design - The Finishing Touch - YouTube
8) it lets me a draw a perfect vector circle, and then highlight all the crummy winpcsign circles and replace them. Keeping the position and everything!
9) I make all my circles to .10 for ss10, export to AI 8, and then into gemmaster, default stone settings, and boom, I can continue to use winpcsign!

I'm sure a lot of people are like "who give's a f***!", but hopefully 1 more person wont have a patch of hair missing like me.

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i ran acroos a thing on the web on how to create a rhinestone brush in corel....... havent done it yet , just thought id pass that along
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