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Windows 7 64 bits

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This is my first thread , so I would like to thank anyone for the success of this forum , it' s so useful , I did learn a lot this last month from all of you,

Next week I am going to purchase a second hand Texjet , still on guarantee, bought in feb 2010 , it isn't the new 2010 version though. My question is: Can I ride Windows 7 64 bits with Ergosoft Polyprint RIP , the sellers here in Spain say yes, I can do it , but in the Texjet user manual you can download from their own website says it only supports Win XP , I woudn't like to have to switch back to XP or VIsta, W 7 is a stable and smart S.O.

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Hi it`s me again,

I hope this helps , I talked to the guy that sells the machine and gave me the Polyprint Rip version : 13.0043996
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