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will water based inks work on bamboo t-shirts?

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I have a possible new customer that wants me to screenprint on bamboo shirts that are 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton. We are a green shop using only waterbased inks and chemicals, will the ink work on these shirts? I want to find out before I commit to the job.
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I've experimented a little bit with discharge waterbased inks (Wilflex Oasis NF series) and black bamboo Earth Positive's tees and generally it works :) I don't think that there would be any problem with white tees and regular wb inks as well.
Dark ink on light garments should be fine, but we haven't had great success discharging any bamboo (light on dark). Granted we've only tried a handful of times, but the results were hit or miss, they definitely did not discharge as good as cotton, or as good as the manufacturer said they would.
what about the new bamboo and hemps (or other natural fibers) and DTG printing? has anyone experimented with those?
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