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Will this work?

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Can anyone tell me if a professional heat steam iron press will work to print on shirts as a heat press? I was told the steam is only released if I push a button, that it's optional. Just curious cause I have a chance to get one for almost nothing and I can't afford to purchase a real heat press.

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NO, will not work, how do I know, because I try.
If the maximum heat is 200C or more, evenly distributed, and you can press down to increase the pressure then yes. Otherwise no.
To cure screen printing ink? I know people who've used them successfully. As a heat press to apply transfers? I'm not sure. It might not be able to apply enough pressure.
Thanx guys. Not sure I should invest in this just as a test. I'll just have to out source all transfer jobs till I get a heat press myself.
I have one too. but I use it for regular clothing and the occasional "store bought home" t shirt transfer. it doesn't really stay hot enough evenly enough to make a good print for professional results. an on the one I have there are both wholes for the steam (and holes can't press or heat anything) and some indented chanels that steam and heat can follow which totally make it unusable for proper pressing of transfers and curing. save for a real press, get the best you can afford for the money and you can still use you "real" press for the odd piece of clothing you need pressed anyway.
Thanx VLCNMSTR. I'm officially saving the pennies for a real heat press.
oh, and if you're near enough-- go to the ISS shows. though I think the next one is january, you might get a sweet deal on a press there-- or see if anyone is "moving up" and wants to sell a second hand one
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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