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Will this design turn out ok?

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i made this design in photoshop then made it into png without interlace.

i uploaded it to zazzle.com cafepress.com and logosoftware.com.

logosoftware has my picture exactly the same and says it'll most likely change during production [quality wise]

zazzle looks fine, but some of the black sweatshirt at the bottom comes through the design a bit in the preview menu.

and cafepress, if i click the "see larger picture", it made parts of my less transparent part of the design clouded in white pixels but im printing it out on a white hoodie.

would the below picture turn out ok on any of those websites?

EDIT: i made it in 300 dpi
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nice design!!
not sure about the whole zazzle thing though
nice design!!
not sure about the whole zazzle thing though
why? whats wrong with zazzle?

also is it true that if i print out the design in full size on my normal paper printer, thats about the same exact quality that i can expect after screen print?

and im only ordering ONE of this hoodie
no, no ,no, no, no...dont get me wrong. I mean, i have no idea how zazzle operates. I guess you can apply that to cafepress and the others like them.
in other words: i'm of no help.....but the designs nice:D
What do you mean when you say less transparent part of the design? I don't think they can print stuff that has the opacity turned down. Its either solid or not solid because I believe they just do heat trasnfers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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