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Will PPAI Expo have blanks suppliers?

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Business has grown well over the last year and we are at the point were we need to find better and cheaper suppliers for things such as blank foam can coolers, glassware and cups, etc. Will attending the upcoming PPAI show in Vegas be worth it to find blanks suppliers? I've read and watched video after video about the show and the conclusion I've came to is that it's for people trying to find already printed items. Is this mostly all the show is about? Is there a better way to find blank suppliers here in the US or from possibly overseas? Our last order was for over 30,000 blank can coolers and it was from our nearest competitor simply because we can't find a cheaper supplier. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
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Here is the vendor list from last year. Looks like all types of suppliers will be there, including blank suppliers.

The PPAI Expo 2017 Exhibitor List
Might be worth your while to take a look at ASI as well
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