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Hi, I am from India..

I love Tees, humorous headlines and edgy designs... So thought of exploring how to set up a Tees business. Not much idea about the business, other than the fact that I love all that goes to make a great tee.

Havent still decided whether to go retail, custom-made or online?

I have no ideas about printing Tees. Is screen printing the preferred option? Or is there any other option? Do the big brands also do screen printing?

What kind of garments are used to make Tees by small entrepreneurs? And are they much different from the ones that big brands like Nike and UCB use? Or do these big brands do something/process to the garments?

Eager and curious to hear your thoughts and learn from your experiences on the above issues and all things a new Tee entrepreneur need to know.

Cheers and thanks!!

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