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wildside transfers

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Hi guys

I was after a bit of help an thank you all in advance for your time replying (if you choose to lol).

So I have been selling tshirts for years but only by using the vinyl flex method. I also sublimate but I am very fussy and just not keen on sublimated tshirts.

I placed my first order from wild side and love their transfers. I have pressed a lot and they have come out looking amazing, however...

On some transfers namely ones with lots of little black bits, like the shadowing from the design, i.e. text with a bit of black shading below, so when I press them, i find all the colours press fine but the black parts of the ink barely press on and when I check the transfer sheet afterwards, all the little black parts are still on it, the colours however have pressed fine and you can tell they are how they are supposed to be.

I also find that on a lot of the designs, the little copyright logo an wild side writing, always seems to mess up, even though the rest of the print goes on fine.

I originally started pressing at 375 as per instructions but had issues so I now press at 385 and for 10 seconds, wild side also state to wait 4-5 seconds before peeling away the transfer, now every single time I have tried to peel after 5 seconds, it rips up the transfer so I have been waiting for 10 seconds instead and that seems to work however still the issues with the black ink and also wild side logo.

Any ideas guys its driving me crazy!

Thanks very much :)
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I would contact Wildside directly. If you do not get satisfaction please give us a call and we will attempt to help you.
Maybe it is an old stock sitting on the self. Plastisol transfer have self life and dries up after a while. I use to use a lot of plastisol stock transfer before ink jet and laser toner were available. I find some of the transfer will have issue because they are old and start drying up. My guess is the shadow has lesser and thinner coverage and dries up faster than the heavier ink areas of the design. Also it has to hot split. If there the ink is very thin anyway and dried it will not split. The ink is half cured and should be slightly soft. Try to scrap a piece of the that area on the transfer if it scrape clean of the carrier then it is dried. I don't find it to be the case even with very fine lines when I order custom plastisol or cold peel water base transfers.
If they are telling you that it is a 'warm peel' it is not old stock.
The majority of them state to wait 4-5 seconds before peeling but sometimes if i do wait 4-5 seconds an peel, it rips the design and half of it is stuck to the transfer paper?

I also tried rubbing off the parts where the black was on the transfer paper and it doesn't come of easy at all, so I don't think its old.

I have quite a lot of them here and quite concerned now because some come out perfect yet some are just not good enough and I don't know wether I need to press longer, or peel times need to vary? I am at a loss currently
Here are our instructions:

Warm Peel Transfers

Pre-press garment; 5-7 seconds.
Set pressure at high.
Set temperature at 385 deg. Fahrenheit.
Print 8-10 seconds.
Peel warm (wait about 5 seconds), in one continuous, smooth rapid motion.
I tried that yesterday but with disappointing results, with some of them i found if i waited for 11 seconds they seemed to come out fine but that can't be right as correct time shouldn't vary by 6 seconds.

I have just cut up one into small pieces to press at different pressures but the black dots still will not press of onto the tshirt, they just stay stuck to the transfer paper
I would definitely call Wildside and have them test the design.
I have just followed your instruction down to a T, I feel as though maybe I have been removing the transfer paper to softly an possibly slowly so I peeled it in one fast motion but this is how it looked afterwards...


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Looks like it might be a defective design.
thanks for taking the time to reply btw.

I find quite a few go like that though so I wouldn't have thought it was defective? that same Facebook design I have been able to apply once, where it came out well but one part of it, stuck up a little and didn't adhere properly.

Would it matter that I am pressing onto 100% cotton? is it the same application settings for 100% cotton and 50/50 shirtS?
Both fabrics are ok. Rrather than keep wasting shirts i suggest that you cut a couple of transfers in 3 or 4 pieces and apply them in different locations on a shirt that is already damaged. You can use both sides of the shirt and turn it inside and out and use those blank surfaces. If the ink is still not releasing then I would say it is a faulty transfer. It does happen sometimes.
Should the pressure be literally so I struggle to close it? or is that to much? I am going to cut one now and try again, I have 41 designs in total and I would say about 15 i am having issues with, surely the 15 can't be defective? I appreciate sometimes there are issues with the transfers but seems a high percentage to be defective.

thanks again
Pressure should be a comfortable firm lock down. You should not have to 'break your arm' to close the press. Take a look at our videos to get an idea of the pressure being used.
I have read that some heat presses are not suitable, is this true?

this is the exact press I am currently using...


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I have just cut one up into pieces and tried different pressures and time, I have not pressed longer than 10 seconds.


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Sorry. I really don't have anything more to offer. I would contact your supplier.
I have read that some heat presses are not suitable, is this true?

this is the exact press I am currently using...
Where is that press from?....

Have you checked the temperature with a probe?....
RPK-PYRMTR : Digital Pyrometer & Surface Probe Kit : Geo Knight & Co Inc

Have you checked the pressure?....When press is cold, insert a sheet of paper in each corner and close your press....Does each piece of paper come out with about the same amount of pull?...If not you might have "uneven pressure"....

Is there someone else in your neighbourhood that also has a press that you could test on?....
hi royce,

I am based in the uk and the press cost about $1000, around £700 gbp

Yes i have tried placing paper in each corner when cold and i cannot pull either piece out so pressure seems to be evenly spread.

I am going to buy a thermometer this weekend to test and see what the results are.

feeling really disheartened at the moment :( lol
I really do not think it is a temperature or pressure issue. Occasionally, we run into the same problems with some of the Wildside designs.
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